About us

Key figures


50 000 M²

covered spaces to store your goods



loading docks to streamline the reception and shipping of your parcels



trucks available 24/7


55 000

pallet loads to arrange your parcels


+90 000

parcels delivered daily

Human Resources capital

We pride ourselves on being a logistics operator that has always advocated male/female diversity in Tunisia. We are also proud of our skill sharing and cooperation culture, where ideas can be challenged and personal initiatives are welcomed.

Our workforce consists of more than 500 men and women spread out across the company’s various divisions.

We rely on a sustainable and well-trained workforce which combines skills, values, good practices and the corporate culture necessary to achieve the expected results in a timely and cost effective manner.

We are proud of our coporate culture which favours the sharing of skills, cooperation, a culture where ideas can be challenged and personal initiatives are welcomed.
Operations management includes most of our staff active in the operations, transportation and technical divisions.

Listening to customer needs is a growth pillar for our company . We are committed to pay great attention to our client expectations as well as their implicit and explicit needs by establishing an active and dynamic exchange based on a trust relationship. Customer focus is key to the dynamic improvement of our service quality.


The security of client goods and parcels is our Top Priority

it is a token of our service execution. That is why we place utmost importance on various security aspects and many systems are put in place to make sure that goods and people are safe in our facilities.
Our security strategy hinges upon:

  • A 100% sprinkler fire safety system
  • Fire hose cabinets (RIA)
  • Alarm systems, motion sensors, smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler systems
  • Strict control of access to storage areas thanks to gates equipped with card reader access systems
  • More than 400 surveillance cameras to ensure plant safety
  • Security teams dedicated to each cell
  • All our forklift operators are adequately trained in forklift driving and safety rules.

Our locations

Our facilities network helps clients save considerable time in the delivery of their parcels.
We are present at the main areas of goods transit in Tunisia:

Greater Tunis region

ZI Charguia- 5 min to Tunis Carthage International Airport and 20 to the port of Rades

Ben Arous

Mornag- 25 min to Tunis Carthage International Airport and 15 min to the port of Rades


Sfax- 20 min to Sfax–Thyna International Airport and 30 min to the port of Sfax

Need help ?

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