Custom storage

Custom storage

ULC offers a range of services and solutions tailored to different businesses and sectors.

ULC is responsible for the various warehousing phases, in compliance with the requirements and prerequisites of each client as well as with the standards in force.
The 76 loading docks of our warehousing facility can welcome several trucks at a time to quickly handle the transportation of goods.

Whether you need pallets, seasonal equipment, rollers or any other kind of goods, we offer storage solutions tailored to your needs.
Our warehousing services aim to store your goods that are in short- or long-term transit and our transportation services handle their delivery in a timely manner.
We ensure a rigorous control over the aspects of each step from the reception of goods up to their follow-up after delivery.
No more inventory headaches
We also offer the following services :

  • Reception, deconsolidation and delivery in a “Transparent Transit” manner with no need to enter inventory or 24-hour stay, the same day on a just-in-time basis.
  • Simple warehousing and storage following reception, then moving goods out of storage and direct delivery with no additional repackaging or other tasks.

Need help ?

For all your requests for information, our experts are at your disposal to answer your questions and find the right solution for your needs.